Gardenstyle Outdoor Decor


Gardenstyle outdoor decor is made by artisan manufacturers of pottery, statuary, and fountains, around America, and in Italy. We have twenty years experience working with designers and homeowners to achieve the best outcome with selection, finishes, and specs for your outdoor design project. Mail or call for product information and motorfreight quotes, and to order.

These products are made and finished to order and can be returned for store credit only.

Tall Steel Planters

Square Planter
20"w X 20"d X 20" h  $240.00
23.5w X 23.5"d X 23.5" h $330.00
32"w X 32"d X 43.5" h $700.00
Includes shipping

Tall Tapered Square

Tall Taper Square - Lead
12"w X 12"d X 24" h $160.00
14.5"w X 14.5"d X 36" h $295.00
Includes shipping

Tapered Square- Rust

Taper Square - Rust
20"w X 20"d X 24.5" h $170.00
Includes shipping

Wrought Iron Benches

Box Planter
18"d X 18"w 27"h $170.00
27"w X 27"d X 38" h $370.00
Includes shipping

Steel Planter Box

Rectangle  Planter - Lead
16"d X 47.5"w 15.5"h
$330.00 includes shipping.

Wrought Iron Benches

Oval Planter - Lead
12"d X 27.5"w 20"h $260.00
20"d X 39.5"w 20"h $400.00
includes shipping.

Wrought Iron Benches

Rectangle Planter - Rust
7.5"d X 23.5"w 23.5"h
10"d X 33.5"w 33.5"h
16"d X 39."w 39"n

Includes shipping

Oriental Statuary

Rectangle Box Planter
20"d X 38"w 24"h$335.00
Includes shipping

Tall Metal Planters

Rust Squares -Tall
11"d X 11"w X 24.5"h $80.00
13"d X 13"w X 28.5"h $98.00
16"d X 16"w 32.5"h $125.00
20"d X 20"w X 40.5"h $240.00
Includes Shipping

Metal Planters Cubes

Rust Squares
11"d X 11"w X 12"h $55.00
13"d X 13"w X 14"h $75.00
16"d X 16"w 16.5"h $125.00
20"d X 20"w X 21"h $240.00
Includes Shipping

Wrought Iron Baker's Racks

Tall Taper Square
16"w X 16"d X 34.5" h $170.00
Includes shipping