Cast Aluminum Garden and Patio Furniture Classic Reproductions

Pottery, Planters and Urns - Ethnic Pottery
Gardenstyle Outdoor Decor


Gardenstyle outdoor decor is made by artisan manufacturers of pottery, statuary, and fountains, around America, and in Italy. We have twenty years experience working with designers and homeowners to achieve the best outcome with selection, finishes, and specs for your outdoor design project. Mail or call for product information and motorfreight quotes, and to order.

These products are made and finished to order and can be returned for store credit only.

Pottery, Planters, and Urns


Ethnic Planters


Ethnic Pottery - Asian Storage Jar

Asian Storage Jar Reproduction
31"h X 27"OD X 16"ID


Ethnic Pottery Asian Planter
Asian Planter Reproduction
19"h X 24"OD
355.00 plus shipping
22"h X 30"OD
650.00 plus shipping
32"h X 45"OD |
1215.00 plus shipping

Ethnic Pottery Giant Asian Planter

Giant Asian Planter Reproduction
42"h X 40"OD X 24"ID "
1460.00 plus shipping


Ethnic Pottery Asian Flower Bowl Reproduction


Asian Flower Bowl Reproduction
9"h X 20"OD X 18"ID
$225.00 plus shipping

Ethnic Pottery Large Chinese Urn

Large Chinese Urn
59"h X 39"OD X 15"ID
$1460.00 plus shipping

Ethnic Pottery Chinese Urn

Chinese Urn
36"h X 27"OD X 11"ID
$555.00 plus shipping


Ethnic Pottery Italian Urn

Anfora Vase
22"h X 17"OD X 9 "ID
$255.00 plus shipping

Ethnic Pottery Italian Urn

Italian Urn
37.5"h X 28"OD X 14"ID
$775.00 plus shipping

Ethnic Pottery Low Anfora Vase

Low Anfora Vase
24” 17” 11.5”
30” 25” 13.5”
36” 27” 13.5”

Ethnic Pottery Italian Urn

Italian Urn
37.5"h X 28"OD X 14"ID
$775.00 plus shipping